CTK WEEKLY 1.22.18

 May you walk with God this week! Grace and Peace.  

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Yesterday's Sermon - 1 John 2:3-6 - Reflexive Obedience

Missional Communities -

Augusta Missional Community - Tuesdays 6:30pm - 507 Cambridge Way, Augusta, GA 30907

Evans Missional Community - Wednesdays 5:45pm  - 2038 Magnolia Parkway, Grovetown GA 30813

DNA Groups: Smaller, same gender groups that meet up throughout the week to study the Bible, pray together and hold one another up in the grace and mercy of the Gospel.                  If you need help connecting with a DNA please contact Kevin Figgins or Lance Cheely for men's groups and Tara Figgins for womens.  

1/28/18 Kid’s Ministry Volunteers- Kendall Cheely, Emily Figgins, Brayden Figgins, Scott Kennedy (extra)


WEEK 4 EPIPHANY:Jan 21-27  


  • Day 1: Genesis 17 Isaac Promised

  • Day 2: Genesis 22 The Sacrifice of Isaac

  • Day 3: Psalm 29

  • Day 4: Genesis 27 Isaac Blesses Jacob

  • Day 5: Genesis 35:1-15 God Blesses Jacob


For the Pastor and his family:

  • their marriage and God’s protection over it

  • that they would have intentional family time and edifying conversation away from the demands of the church and that they would be encouraged under the rigors and demands of church planting

  • For the Pastor that he would grow in:

      • His personal relationship with the Lord

      • The administration of the church

      • Counseling

      • Leadership

      • Sermon study

      • Tests and Trials (grace, strength, and growth)

      • Oversight (care for the flock)

      • Physical care (health and safety)