as a labor of love to plant a church in the Augusta area that knows the Lord and His Word, that continues to learn and live out what it means to be in true gospel community, and that truly lives a life on mission starting at home and outward to our neighbors, our friends, the World. We do so by joining together in worship on Sundays, having meals and fellowship during the week in Missional Communities, and preaching the Gospel to one another in DNA groups. 

Going into the third year of this church plant we pray that God will use Christ the King to spiritually transform it's members and attendees. Additionally, we pray for those that are called to come and those that will one day come to join us weekly in worship and in fellowship, that God will use CTK to bless them through the preaching of His word and the fellowship of believers. 

We desire to be a people who spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things through Jesus Christ. We believe it is the gospel of Jesus Christ that transforms us to be a people who love God and love our neighbor.