Our Liturgy. Our Songs.

We follow a thoughtful and lively rhythm in our worship liturgy, where God speaks and we respond.

  • Calling – God takes the initiative, moves towards us with grace, and invites us to worship him.
  • Repentance – God calls us to repent daily of our sins individually but also corporately.
  • Assurance – God reminds us that we are forgiven in Christ and loved as his children.
  • Communion – God draws us forward, as children to the father’s table, to eat a covenant meal with him.
  • Commission – God sends us out into his world empowered to be his ambassadors.

Participating each week in this alternating pattern of God’s words and our responses provides help for us today, but also shapes our faith over time to highlight the tenacity and graciousness of God’s covenant love. Worship not only expresses what we love, it shapes what we love.