CTK Weekly 7.25.2018

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WEEK 30 | July 22-28

WEEK 30 | July 22-28


❏ Day 1: John 4 The Samaritan Woman

❏ Day 2: Psalm 139

❏ Day 3: Matthew 5 Sermon on the Mount

❏ Day 4: Matthew 6 Sermon on the Mount

❏ Day 5: Matthew 7 Sermon on the Mount



● That adult members would work to disciple teenagers and not just leave it to programming.

● That the church’s primary teachers grow in dedication to God’s Word even when no one’s watching.

● That it would grow in being distinct from the world in love and holiness, even as it engages outsiders.

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Christ the King:

Life Together

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Augusta Missional Community - Tuesdays 5:45pm - 507 Cambridge Way, Augusta, GA 30907 | (Tuesdays at 6 pm for Month of July)

Grovetown Missional Community - Wednesdays 5:45pm  - 2038 Magnolia Parkway, Grovetown, GA 30813

Evans Missional Community - Thursdays, 5:45 pm 183 Creekview Circle, Martinez, GA 30907


 Smaller, same gender groups that meet up throughout the week to study the Bible, pray together and hold one another up in the grace and mercy of the Gospel.  If you need help connecting with a DNA please contact Kevin Figgins or Lance Cheely for men's groups and Tara Figgins for womens.  



7/29/18 Kid’s Ministry Volunteers: Carly Zeller, Emily Figgins, Emma Benson, and
Terry Morrow (extra).

CTK Worship Arts Interest: Are you a musician or singer? Do you have interest in pushing buttons, sliding faders, and love listening to music? Do you find enjoyment when reading scripture out-loud in public spaces? If any of these sound like you, then we have a team for you. Please talk to Kenneth Benson via in person, slack, or email kennethjamesbenson@gmail.com.

Women's Fellowship: Friday, August 3rd, from 7-9pm, it's Spa Night at Carly
Zeller's house, 1714 Edenburg Way, Evans, GA 30809. Come for a facial, paint your nails, or just be there to relax. Feel free to invite a friend too. Please RSVP to Carly, 303-358-3406 or via slack.

Leadership Forum: There will be a Leadership Connect for all leaders, deacons,
and elders Saturday, Augusta 4th, from 6-8pm at 3507 Wakefield Ct. Martinez, GA.
Questions about Weekly Announcements: Feel free to stop at the Connections
Table or visit our website for more information at www.ctkaugusta.org/

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